Arkansas Locals Are Winning Big Cash Prizes With Local Radio Station

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(Arkansas Dispatch) – A local woman in Heber Springs, Arkansas just got a huge cash gift from the local radio station KFFB 106.1 FM. The cash gift was prize in the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Smoke House restaurant in Heber Springs, which has been serving great breakfast as a staple of the community.

The owner of the radio station gave a cash prize of $106.10 to Sheila Salsman. All she had to do to earn the prize was place a KFFB bumper sticker on her car, which she did. As a result, Salsman was entered to win a local raffle.

A picture of Shiela Salsman has been included below:

The prize giveaway was conducted by Betty Fisher, who is the owner of the Smoke House. She is the one responsible for drawing Salsman’s name as the lucky winner.

This is just one of the many events that KFFB radio station has been apart of in recent days. And apparently, the promotion worked. There were reports that a whopping 500 people showed up for the giveaway.

KFFB’s Past Giveaways

KFFB radio station has a long reputation of taking part in local contests and events for the area.

Just days before the Smoke House giveaway, KFFB also awarded another local woman a whopping $1,000 in cash prizes in Jamestown.

She’s pictured below:

Angela Roberson was given $1,000 in cash prizes after she entered KFFB’s Treasure Chest Window Sticker Giveaway in the area. Just like Salsman, all Roberson had to do was place a bumper sticker on the back of her car for a chance to win.

Want A Chance To Win?

If you want a chance to win a cash prize with KFFB radio station, you absolutely can.

We reached out to KFFB’s owner, Bob Connell, for a comment about entering. Here are his words:

“If you’re interested in joining KFFB’s numerous competitions, all you have to do is Put a Window sticker on your vehicle today!”

Connell continued, adding:

 “Pick up a Timeless Window Sticker at participating businesses or you can request us to mail a sticker to you.”

Once you have the sticker, Mr. Connell says that all you have to do is text a picture of the sticker to enter the drawing:

“Text a picture of your window sticker on your vehicle with license plate number legible for correct identification to 501-362-5863 or email to [email protected] or wait for our window sticker spotters to spot your sticker!”